Enjoy the best surf spots in the world while enjoying the local lifestyle flavour

Experience the surf and culture from the land.

For those not into the boat life or unable to spend 10 - 12 days on a trip we have sourced what we think are the best land options for each area - suitable for a wide range of surfing levels as well as budget.

Ideally, if you are going stay on land, the things you want to aim for are either a number of different waves to surf or if there aren't many breaks, then the consistency of waves and conditions.

Some would argue that land is a better option as it offers more "creature comforts" such as more room to relax (without rocking), and the possibility to explore the region on foot, interact with locals and in many cases choose between dorm style living or private (luxury) rooms.


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Our land camps are carefully selected, and we would never offer a resort or camp we haven't visited ourselves first! We are continuously visiting, testing and adding new alternatives to our catalog that fit our criteria. Again, Indo Joy trips are customizable, and if you wish to add extras like technique coaching, video analysis & filming or nutrition to spice up your stay we are more than happy to assist you - no matter what package or accommodation you choose *subject to availability of professionals in each area of expertise.

We will advise you openly and honestly on the best times to go for swell,  wind conditions and even crowds. After all, we want the best for you at your preferred location.

If you have any queries or want to chat about what packages suit your surf level or whether or not coaching is right for you feel free to send over any videos or photos of your surfing so we can better understand who we are dealing with and what options suits you best.

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