Learn why we call our packages ”The Surf Trip of a Lifetime

Enjoy perfection and become a better surfer

Imagine going to a place littered with perfect waves of all descriptions and then also having not just professional coaching for your surfing, but also people that can teach you better health & fitness, flexibility, breathing techniques, injury prevention, recovery, nutrition - the list goes on! Sounds pretty good, right?

Of course, it does! Twiggy, our Head Coach has been partaking and coordinating these trips with fantastic success and even better results. If you want to surf better & feel better at the end of your trip, then this one is for you! The results are amazing!

Real results that will stick for a lifetime.

Give us 12-14 days, and you'll walk away as a better surfer with results that will stick for a lifetime. Surf trips and packages can be tailored to suit groups, individuals and all skill levels - nothing is impossible.

Personal Surf Coaching and Guiding is available Indonesia wide!


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