Boat trips to the Mentawais , Telos, North Sumatra and other undiscovered gems

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Boat charters are the best way to maximise your surf time in the best waves each day, sometimes surfing up to 20 breaks in a 12-day trip and if you are fit enough it's not unusual to spend 8 hours a day in the water. You move from one amazingly perfect wave to the next, often while you are sleeping! Imagine going to bed surfed out and waking up at yet another perfect break. It's no dream, but a beautiful reality you get to share with your best mates, your family or complete strangers, who often turn into life-long friends at the end of the trip.

The crews on these boats go above and beyond to make sure all you need to do is eat, surf, eat, surf, sleep, repeat (with the obligatory beers to finish the day if desired of course). Nothing is too big a task, and even most dietary requirements can be catered to as we often do coaching,  health, fitness & nutrition style trips - the full GET BETTER at everything package.


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All boat trips are fully customisable.

All boat trips are fully customizable and if you opt for the professional photo & video package, then most nights will be a highlight reel of the day's action on the TV, which after a meal and a few beers usually gets pretty but is an epic way to finish off the day.

Give us your details, group size, and we will find the perfect boat to suit your needs.

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