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Hi there! I'm Twiggy and surfing is my life.

Is surfing your passion? Well, it is certainly is mine. My love for surfing and waves, particularly in Indonesia, is the reason why I started Indojoy. So I could turn my dreams into reality and share my wealth of knowledge about the country and its waves with the rest of the world.

When you contact Indojoy, you are communicating with someone who lives in Indonesia and surfs every day, which is probably the ideal scenario to be able to help you construct the best Indo Surf Adventure!

You have your idea of a dream holiday, and I want to make that dream a reality by giving you a surf trip that you’ll not only never forget, but want to repeat as often as possible.


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Get involved and customise your trip!

So many people book a trip lets say 12 months ahead, pay their deposit and then wait anxiously until the time comes. Not with Indojoy! I will make sure to check in with you, send you updates, tricks and suggestions to make sure you are going to be prepared once that time to pack your bags comes around.

Get Involved! Ask me questions, tell me about your surfing levels and let me know what you would like to work on while on the trip.

Every surf trip I've done, at least half the group comes away from it a better surfer just for the experience of surfing their brains out for 12 days but imagine if you or your group had a surf coach as your guide so you could correct any technique flaws along the way. Someone who teaches you better strength, flexibility, how to breath better or even how to prevent injuries that could keep you out of the water. Indo Joy is committed to be doing just that!

Indojoy isn't just delivering the best trip. My promise goes beyond that as I am a firm believer in the words "Get Better."

We always strive for better service and better advice, so that at the end of the trip, you not only walk away as a better surfer but as a better human being, in and out of the water.

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