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A surfer getting barrelled in a wave in Indonesia

At Indojoy, all we want is for you to finish your trip Blown Away!

When you imagine a surf trip, you imagine the journey of a lifetime, right? Well, it can be that and even more! All of our surf trips are 100% customisable! Add a coach, nutritionist, videographer or even a chef who cooks your favourite gluten-free pasta! We'll make sure you'll get the best out of your surfing holiday by tailoring every trip to your specific wants, needs and surfing levels.

We believe that surfing is more than just a word, and a surfing holiday is so much more than just a location.

There is a reason we refer to these trips as “The Trip of a Lifetime”

And that's because they truly are!
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A perfect barreling wave in indonesia.
A surfer getting barreled in Indonesia while some water photographers take photos from the water,

Coaching & Wellness

Imagine going to a place littered with perfect waves of all descriptions and then also having not just professional coaching for your surfing, but also people that can teach you better health & fitness, flexibility, breathing techniques, injury prevention, recovery, nutrition - the list goes on!

Sounds pretty good, right?

A remote location of Indonesia.

Social Responsibility

To a surfer, Indonesia conjures up images of tropical climes, warm water & incredibly perfect waves. But there's more. Probably only 50 to 70% of the waves are “known” or have actually been discovered. There are still very remote areas that are just now coming to be known for their waves.

All these remote regions (and more popular destinations of course, too ) have a thing in common: less privileged locals!

With the help of charities, friends, and businesses we are affiliated with, Indo Joy wants to collaborate with YOU to help people!


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